THE ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN I WANT TO SUPPORT The advocacy of Tuklas Katutubo “Tuklas Katutubo (National Organisation of Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines) is a volunteer tribal organisation composed of professional, teachers, farmers, health workers, fisher folks and community leaders working for the protection and promotion of peace, rights, welfare and development of the indigenous peoplesContinue reading “MODULE 4: WHAT I HAVE LEARNED”

Module 3: What’s In

What are some example promotion/s advocacies in your local community? Give 3 examples of advocacies in your Barangay or Municipality. Gulayan sa bakuran, paaralan at barangay. Free WIFI and print by the SK in our barangay. “Secured Survival” advocacy by the Municipality of Talavera 2. What is it that you propose/need to change in yourContinue reading “Module 3: What’s In”

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