The advocacy of Tuklas Katutubo

“Tuklas Katutubo (National Organisation of Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines) is a volunteer tribal organisation composed of professional, teachers, farmers, health workers, fisher folks and community leaders working for the protection and promotion of peace, rights, welfare and development of the indigenous peoples in the country.” 

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“Bakit maputi ka di ba lagi kayong nakabilad sa arawan?”

“San kayo naliligo?”

“Nakapunta ka na ng mall?”

“Nakakain ka na sa Jollibee?”

“Ano ba yan mukhang mangkukulam galing kasing probinsya”

“Ang ignorante mo naman sabagay taga probinsya ka kasi HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Those are the common questions or things that SOME of the people from Manila or major cities told us, probinsyanos. But why? Are we probinsyanos some sort of aliens? Or do we came from another planet?

We probinsyanos and probinsyanas are discriminated when we go to Manila. They see us as ignorant people or people who came from mountain. They look at us like we are people full of dirt. They always thought that we are always inferior to them. That we cannot do what they are doing. That we don’t have the things they have in the metro. And it hurts that they see us like that.

So I want to support the advocacy of “Tuklas Katutubo” but rather than fighting for the rights of indigenous people, I want to make the scope of this advocacy broader but more specific. I want to create an advocacy that fights for the rights of probinsyanos/probinsyanas and also educate people who probinsyanos/probinsyanas really are. And I want to call this advocacy “TANGA-TANGAHAN?”.

Tanga-tangahan?” may sounds rude but the real meaning of it is to open the eyes of the people to reality that we probinsyanos are just like those from the metro. They should stop to illustrate us as “gusgusin” o “walang makain”. They should stop putting on some books or post on social media the things that discriminate us (people from province). Also, “tanga-tangahan?” means that they should not act as dumb as if they are not aware on the things they ask, that it is okay to ask or say things even though it is discriminating.

The aim of this advocacy is to give the equal rights or equal treatment to everyone no matter where they came from. Also, to educate everyone about the culture, beliefs and tradition of different provinces in the Philippines. Lastly, to give equal opportunities to everyone to have a better life even if it is in metro or in province.

Ako, ikaw, tayo. Pare-pareho lamang tayong Pilipino. Saang lugar man ako ng bansa nagmula, iba man ang mga bagay na ating kinagisnan, pare-pareho lamang tayong mamamayan ng Pilipinas. Kung ano ang karapatan mo ay karapatan ko rin. Kung saang lugar ka puwedeng pumunta ay maaari ko ring marating. Kung ano ang mga bagay na mayroon ka ay maaari ko ring bilhin.

Let’s stop the toxicity. Hindi dahil taga probinsya ako ay probinsyano LANG ako. Magkaiba lang ang lugar kung saan tayo pinanganak ngunit ‘di ito nangangahulugang mas lamang o mas magaling ka sa akin. Pareho lamang tayo.



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