Module 3: Assessment

Are your ICT knowledge and skills enough to manage a website? (WordPress)

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”


Creating a website is not as easy as what most people think. And as a student with only limited knowledge on technologies, I must say that my knowledge is still not sufficient enough to use wordpress splendidly.

Yes, I can create my own wordpress site but its quality, it’s still not good. I can post some blogs but I still don’t know how I can make it more eye-catching so many people will read it.

But just like learning a new math equation, I will learn how I can utilize wordpress’s functions. Not now but soon, my knowledge will be sufficient enough to make a wordpress site or a site that will create an impact to other people.

Everything can be learned but only those people who desires to learn will succeed. And I can say I’m one of them so let me be a noob today but sooner or later, I will make you say “ay siya na pala ‘yon.”

What difficulties did you encounter in your advocacy?

Being a voice to voiceless is very hard to do but it is fulfilling. You’ll not realize that you make a change in someone’s life even it is big or small. And me, I want to use my voice for those people who are talented or eager to find their own talent. But struggle is real.

I face so many difficulties doing this advocacy. From brainstorming on how I can make a first step to how I can be heard by a lot of people to asking myself ” is this advocacy worth it?” Even though I have a lot of means to use, I can’t still guarantee that I will succeed. Even my voice is as loud as BTS today, if people will close their ears, everything will go to waste.

It is very crucial to make an advocacy. There will be a lot of hurdles you need to surpass just to be heard. But nothing is easy so I will jump high to pass those hurdles because I know everything will be worth it.

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