I am one of those people that entered high school without a lot of acquaintances. I only know those who came from my school when I was in elementary. It’s also hard for me to communicate to the people who I just met. In short I had a hard time making friends.

But that didn’t stop me to have a companion. As days passed by, little by little, I gained friends. I am always with them. During breaks or doing some school related stuffs. We’re just like 5 when we were grade 7 but before finishing junior high we became 13.

Yep, our story is a bit cliché. There are some times that we have misunderstanding just like others. But in four years in junior high school, we became solid.

And now, we are in senior high school. Some of them are not my classmates anymore because some of them are enrolled on other school while some took other strand. But our friendship will not stop there.

Up to this day, we still have connection to each other. We may not see each other face to face because of pandemic, but the years we’ve been together will never be affected by it. And I hope that this pandemic will stop soon “para matuloy na ang laging drawing na SM”.

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