Module 3: What’s In

  1. What are some example promotion/s advocacies in your local community? Give 3 examples of advocacies in your Barangay or Municipality.
  • Gulayan sa bakuran, paaralan at barangay.
  • Free WIFI and print by the SK in our barangay.
  • “Secured Survival” advocacy by the Municipality of Talavera

2. What is it that you propose/need to change in your local community? Give 3 needs for change in your Barangay or Municipality.

If I were given a chance to change 3 things in our Barangay or Municipality, that would be:

First is status shaming. It is because I want to build the self-esteem of people who are shamed because of their social status. I want them to be encourage to do better, that they are not born to be poor. I want them to still believe that “ang buhay ay parang gulong”, that they will not forever experience poverty and someday their hard work will pay off.

Second is the motorcycles with noisy muffler. It is really disturbing because even at night, they roam around without thinking of other people.

Lastly, a person should not buy a car if he/she doesn’t own a parking lot. Those cars parked at public road causes heavy traffic and worse accidents. And its annoying that people can afford to buy an expensive car but cannot afford to have a parking lot.

3. Is there something that an individual disregard the fact or it is possible that they got familiarity with understanding things, or on the ground that they feel things can’t be changed?

Actually, a lot, but there is one specific thing that may summarize everything. It is discipline. We do things according to what or how we like to do it but we disregard the fact that sometimes it is not right to do. Almost every one of us do things without thinking of others. And it is just alarming because if you call them out, they will be furious. That for them, being undisciplined is a trait of Filipinos. We can see an example of this when the pandemic or the lockdown started. People insisted to walk outside without masks because they believe that the virus is not true And when the fatality rate rise, they blame everything on our government. Being a citizen with discipline can make our country better.

4. What is it that you feel firmly about your tract that you think can contribute something to make change? Explain your answer.

I am a STEM student, and STEM made me flexible. Flexible in doing different things. And by that, I can say that I can make a change on whatever field I take in the future. Being flexible in doing things is a big help especially when unwanted things happen. Also, me as a STEM student, I can make a change not just in our community or world, but also I can make a change in someone else’s life.

5. Finally, I want you to describe, and identify a local or regional cause/problem and think about the value of solution that you can contribute to the community.

A very big problem that I want to stop is domestic violence. News about this problem is non-stop even from before, that it came to a point that it is normal for us to hear a story of a person who experienced it. And the only solution I can think of is the tight implementation of RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004. This act classifies violence against women and children is a public crime. But I want it to be unbiased. I want to make a little change in this law. Instead of just for women and children, I want to revise it to “Anti-violence against a battered husband or wife and its children”. In revising this law, a man and a woman will have their equal rights because nobody deserves to be mistreated. And I hope, someday, I will not hear the term domestic violence again. Violence will never cure a problem or misunderstanding but it will just add fuel to the fire, a fire that can change someone’s life.

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