I am comfortably sitting on a couch. Drinking a cup of coffee ‘coz why not? And I heard your foot steps going in my direction. Oh! You brought a me a bread. I greeted you a nice morning but your smile is nicer.

But suddenly I felt anxious ‘coz I remember that I still have a lot to do. School works perhaps. But I got energized because you’re there. You’re my comfort zone indeed. No matter how many things are on my plate, I can still smile because I see you. Your perfect face, beautiful smile, your flawless skin and of course your attitude.

But all the good things that’s happening vanished in just a second. You become blurry in my eyes until I didn’t see you anymore. I tried to find you. I shouted your name for how many times. But you’re really not there anymore. I just sit on a side and cried my heart out.

I woke up panting. I woke up, yes I’m glad that’s just a dream. But no, scratch that. Those are all dreams. I never got near you. You never brought bread to me while I’m having a coffee. But you comfort me. You comfort me with your voice. Your voice while singing in front of millions of people all around the world.

And that made me remember that you are a star. You shines in a dark stage while performing in a concert. And me, I am here ,sitting in a couch holding the lightstick of your group. Silently watching you in the television.

You are a star and I am just a dust. I know your name, age, birthday and even your pets. And you, I am certain that you don’t know that I am existing.

But it will never change the fact that your my special someone. That you take my anxiousness and sadness away. You take those away even just by singing, dancing or just smiling in front of the camera.

And I can’t wait to attend a concert of yours because it is my dream, my dream to see you in person even from afar.

And I am very thankful that you existed. Indeed you’re a special person. And you will always have a special place in my heart.

NASA가 우주의 끝을 찾을 때까지 당신을 사랑합니다.

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