Module 3: What I Know


We are now in the 21st century but many of us still have the mindset from the medieval time. And the mindset about men become toxic. Many of us thinks that men should always be strong, real men do not cry. Men wearing pink are gay. They always say that men should do this, men should do that and it’s not funny nor acceptable anymore. We men and women are equal. A man can wear skirt if he is comfortable with it. A man can cry if he needs to. Men who are not strong as the others are also men. We, men, are also human and we have feelings too. So we should stop toxic masculinity and we men will not adjust on what the toxic people wants us to do. If they don’t want what we do or what we like, they should just shut up because it is our life and not theirs.


You’re 90 kg? You are body shamed. You’re 45kg? You are body shamed? No matter what your height, no matter if your skin is clear or not, no matter how straight or curly your hair is, no matter what your skin tone is, people will still body shame you. When we tell body shamers that it ain’t funny anymore, they will be mad and will tell us that they are just kidding. But body shaming is not a joke and it will never be funny. Body shaming can harm an individual not just emotionally but also psychologically. People who are body shamed lose their confidence because of body shamers. So we should it. We should always think that no matter what your weight or height is. No matter if you have dark or light skin tone. We are all equally beautiful.


All of us hate infidelity but we are fond of watching shows or seeing couple broke up because of cheating. If we saw someone on facebook or twitter who is hurt because he/ she was cheated by his/her partner, many of us will comment “deserved” or “you are not beautiful/handsome that’s why you were cheated”. And it’s saddening to see people supporting “kabit” or proud to be one. Infidelity should not be normalized. Infidelity is a sin and a crime. The law do not support it and it is even on the 10 commandments that we should not cheat. People who cheats deserves to be punished. For me they are not human. And me, personally, I hate all of them. Stop cheating, stop infidelity. Enter a relationship because you love him/her and not because you are pressured by your peers or society. Your partner have feelings and you should not hurt him/her. If you are not serious in your relationship anymore just broke up with your partner because it is a sign of respect.


I knowthat we all have one “Tita Maritess” in our family. Tita Maritess is that one toxic family member. A family member who will shame us privately or even publicly. And Tita Maritess is one of the reason why there are so many of us suffers in anxiety or even worse, depression. And just a reminder, always be mindful on what we say to other people. We don’t have the same situation in life, we don’t have the same beliefs and sensitivity. So before you spit words, always think if it is necessary to say or if it won’t hurt anyone. Because mental health matters.


Misgendering a person is very common nowadays. It is because many of us, until today, still believes that the only gender existing in this world is male and female but in reality there are many. We should normalize asking for a pronoun of a person if we don’t know how we can address them. We should respect an individual’s gender. Always put in your mind that no matter what a person’s gender is, at the end of the day he/she is still a human that deserves to be respected.

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