No matter how bad things get, something good is out there, just over the horizon.

Green Lantern

When we hear the word superhero, the first thing that comes in our mind is a person. A person who saves us when we’re feeling down or if we are facing our problems in life.

But for me, my hero is not a person but a thing. It is my phone. Why?

My phone is my hero because it is my exit door. A door that whenever I enter, it brings me to the other side of the world. A world where I can connect to other people. A world where I can talk to the important people in my life even though they are on other country.

You might say that it is better for me to connect to other people face to face but it is hard for me. I am an Omnivert. I can’t start a conversation with someone who I just met recently but I can pour all my thoughts to the people who I’m with for a long time.

When I am feeling down, I just watch some funny videos or read memes to make my self happy. Whenever I miss someone I’ll just look at their picture then I will feel that they are just beside me.

My phone also helps me to feed my ignorance on many things. It helps me to discover things that I never thought I will like. It helped me to bring out the best of me. It became a great companion.

Superhero is a very broad word. We have different interpretation of it. And me, I interpret it as “someone or something that makes me feel worthy”.

And you, you might already found your hero but you just didn’t notice it. It might be someone who made you smile the last time you feel blue or it might be something that saved you the last time you drowned yourself in problems.

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