When I was in elementary, I am a crybaby. I cry because of petty things. I look really weak that time. But as time passed by, I realized that it’s not good anymore. I am a grown up so I should not show my weakness.

And this particular song help me to realized that. It is a song by Seventeen entitled “Don’t Wanna Cry”. When I first heard it, I just simply told myself that, it’s a sad song. It’s a sad but a catchy song. After I listened to it like for how many times and I thought of searching the English translation of the song (because it is in Korean).

Every word of the song hits me. I know that it’s a song like for lovers but I also felt attacked as a person.

This is my own interpretation of the song:

“I don’t wanna cry even there’s so much tears on the corner of my eyes because if I cry, I will lose many opportunities. I will lose many things that I can get. I will lose time to do what I needed to do”.

It’s okay to cry if your heart feel so heavy. If you cannot take things anymore. We take crying as an escape to things that makes our life hard. But we should not cry just because of nonsense things.

You can cry if you needed to ’cause it may lessen what you’re feeling but never remain a crybaby because if you always cry, you cannot survive this world. And if you remain a crybaby, people will see you as a burden and that is not okay.

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